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Once a vehicle is recovered it is taken to our storage location. From there we are able undertake and organise the transportation to the Clients selected venue.

The main methods are by a Vehicle Transporter or the Vehicle may be driven back by one of our agents who are all ex. UK Police Officers, each method provides a secure repatriation service.

The personal delivery system by the individual agent allows for a greater flexibility in the final destination location required.

We also provide the service whereby vehicles are collected at Major Airports in Spain by UK agents and handed over to complete their final repatriation journey.

The individual wishes of our clients are paramount to the varied and flexible services we offer.

Plant and Machinery

This is usually undertaken by Specialised Road Haulage Transporters where the items are required to be returned to UK.

Container Transportation by Sea is available at the clients discretion.
Marine Vessels

We have at our disposal storage facilities on Land and Berths in Harbour to accommodate most Marine Vessels which can be found throughout the Mediterranean Harbours

Transportation by road is available if required by specialised companies, we also have available suitably authorised Crews with up to date required licences who are able to undertake the return or relocation via Sea if required.
Property and Goods

We are able to safely store property or goods including those of high value and arrange transportation to the clients selected location.
Extreme High Value Goods

As an added feature we can provide a physical presence and ensure that the goods or property receive the highest level of security whilst in transit to their final destination.
Please contact us for full services and fees.